Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Planning for 2016, as well as the rest of the year

Third Quarter is almost in the books. (there's still time to buy books and feed your favorite authors this quarter!)

In October, we'll be featuring Zanne here and on the Twitter feed.
We'll also be tweeting about Hungry Hearts, Dreadmire and "Skin and Bones," our horror offerings.

Zanne is the author of 1KRV5, Misfit Prophets Beneath a Bankrupt Sky and "Persephone is Bleeding" in Hungry Hearts.  And if you haven't read zir work, be prepared for writing on par with Bradbury.

All our books are available at Amazon, at All Romance Ebooks and at the Square Marketplace.

So, as fall begins, we're thinking toward 2016.


We will have all three current anthologies--Pan's Garden, Have Quest Will Travel, and Winter Shivers--completed and out by the new year.
This will clear our desks to begin looking at stand-alone pieces for 2016.

Until Gabriel's health improves, we will be limiting the number of books we publish. We have 6 anthologies planned for next year. We will take up to six more stand-alone books.


We will continue featuring authors and books on Twitter and here.
If you would like a month, let me know.


All anthology stories should be 5000-15000 words long. They should also be SF/fantasy/horror. Please know what we consider fantasy and contemporary.

We pay 40% royalties divided among authors. (never less than 5%, which means for a standard ebook, the writer gets 25c/copy). A novel author who sells an ebook at $5 gets $2 in royalties. Their $15 paperback gets 40% after printing and shipping (usually about $7), so out of the $8 we make for the book, $2.80 goes to the author. They can also buy paperbacks at 40% discount.

Standard Manuscript Format (and PLEASE put the word count on the front page)

First person and third person are fine. Past tense is preferred. (I have been known to say "Present tense" and stop reading after the first sentence).

Stand-alones:  Anything over 20,000 words goes to print. 45,000 is considered a novel, per the SFWA guidelines. We take any length from 20,000 to 100,000 words. 

Send to inkstainedsubmissions at gmail


December 15: Badass
M/M erotic, with enough testosterone to power a small city.

Whether your hero is a master of mayhem or a thinking cowboy, a pirate, a treasure hunter or a spell-binder, show him doing what he does the best for the reward he wants the most. HEA/HFN ending required (I personally like "Happily ever after, until the next crisis!")

We want big sexy macho guys, being manly and having phallic-worshipping sex.

January 15: Kagema's Sons

M/m erotic.

This is the rent boy anthology. Cheap whores in grimy alleys of a dirty corporo-run city, languid hokkan (male geisha) on gleaming terraces of a Japanese settled planet, sinuous street-dancers fast with their hands and faster with a knife, who get taken on an adventure... Let us see all the permutations of sex for hire.

March 15: Xenophile

All orientations, erotic

Our alien lover anthology. Any orientation known to humanity or other sentients. One person in the relationship must be a non-Terran. All heat levels of romance. M/m, m/f, f/f, poly and trans welcome. HEA/HFN required

June 15:  Mythos for the Modern Age

Non-erotic. SF mythology.

Think Gaiman's American Gods or Ellison's Deathbird Stories. We know where rain comes from. What are the gods we need for the modern age, for the future?

July 15: For Sale by Owner

M/m, BDSM erotic

Show us the transfer of ownership of a bottom from one top to another.

September 15: Friends with Strange Benefits.

All orientations.

Paranormal romance anthology.  All orientations welcome, but show us something new, something other than oversexed vampires, tough female leads in leather jackets, werewolves having a bad hair day 3 nights a month and schmoopy zombies.   Erotic encouraged, HEA/HFN required.


Our current travel radius is 400 miles.

This gives us a range from Dallas TX to Kansas City MO (we have family there), Springfield IL to Cincinnati OH, Indianapolis IN to Knoxville TN, Atlanta GA to New Orleans.

If you have a convention in that area which you like to attend, tell us about it!
We're drawing up the 2016 schedule now.

Current list:
MidSouth Con (Memphis)
FroliCon (Atlanta)
Mephit Furmeet (Memphis)
River City Comic Expo  (Little Rock)

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