Friday, October 25, 2013

Dreadmire as a benefit book

We had printing issues. So we are stuck with a lot of Large Print Dreadmire.

Elizabeth Donald explains what we're doing with them.

Basically, a portion of all sales will go to the Gulf Restoration Network to help preserve endangered wetlands Go see how you can help.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Dreadmire Tour Starts Today!

Thanks to all the lovely folks who chipped in on her kickstarter, Elizabeth Donald is off on a tour.

This is your chance to see her in places she doesn't usually go.
You can get a copy of Dreadmire, or of any of her other excellent books, hang out and chat.

From Elizabeth:
"Some of these are still awaiting final approval, and in others we've given up and are scheduling a Starbucks Stop. That's where I settle into a table, stick the sign in front of me and you can come by and say hello if you like.

Others are "author dinners," which is fancy for "we all have a meal and you can pick up a book if you want." Email elizabethdonald at yahoo dot com if you're interested in one of those.

Watch Twitter and Facebook for changes - everything will be tagged #furloughtour. Spread the word if you know someone along the route... and come see me! That's the whole point of this thing!"

• Harvest Thyme Festival, Carlyle City Park, Carlyle, Ill. 9 a.m.-8 p.m.

• SoHo Cafe, 620 S. Range Line Road, Carmel, Ind. noon-1 p.m.
• Chocolate Cafe, 122 S. Michigan, South Bend, Ind. 6:30-8 p.m.

• Fort Wayne, Ind. noon-1 p.m. Location TBA.
• Columbus, Ohio 6-7:30 p.m. Location TBA

• Crazymocha Squirrel Hill, 2100 Murray Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. noon-1:30 p.m.
• Author Dinner in Harrisburg, Pa. Email if interested!

• Signing at Singularity & Co., 18 Bridge St. 1G, Brooklyn. 

• Visit to Bryn Mawr School, Baltimore
• Author Dinner in Baltimore, Md. Email if interested!

• Passing through Charlottesville, Va. Email if you'd like to meet up!
• 7:30 p.m. Starbucks Stop, 8951-A South Tryon St., Charlotte, N.C.

• Atlanta! Plans pending, watch for news.

• Possible Starbucks Stop in Birmingham, plans pending.
• 3 p.m. signing at Booksellers at Laurelwood on Perkins Ext., Memphis, Tenn.

Get out an see her!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Free Paranormal Romance

Hello, ducks. 

Your Captain, in the spirit of the season, is giving away a free horror ebook every Sunday.

 This week, it's Inkstained Succubus' Riding the Nightmare.

If you like gay paranormal romance, from gods to werewolves, supernatural truckers to incubi, go sign up to win a copy!

 The giveaway is here: 

 or here:

Be sure to leave your email address.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Sexy Saturday: Wicked Sexy Game

This is from "Paying Forfeits" in the Into Dark Waters collection.

Sam and William like their Friday board game night. They like it even better when they start playing for sexual forfeits. When William's godson, Billy, joins the household, he joins in the games as well.

“If we are to play this, let us do it by the book." William flipped his own lacy cuff out of the way and showed Billy how to properly hold the flintlock pistol. “You don’t say ‘stick ‘em up’ or ‘reach for the sky.’  Say ‘stand and deliver’ instead.”

“Stand and deliver. Got it.”

William dropped into a full accent. “Aye, now, into the woods withee." He watched as Billy clumped off in the thigh boots, the red heels making his gait awkward. The claret velvet coat and the lace made the young man even sexier. He adjusted his own powdered wig and riding clothes as he walked to where Sam was waiting, already astride a dapple gray. His own bay mare whickered at him.

“Those boots make his ass so tempting,” Sam sighed, watching as Billy disappeared into the trees.

“So, we indulge your harpaxophilia, lover.”

“My what?”

“Your taste for rogues, especially highwaymen." William swung into the saddle. “We are fortunate young Billy is here. I fear I would hardly cut so fine a figure.”

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bit of a Mea Culpa

There are lots of good reasons why I haven't kept up on the blog.

It has been a difficult month aboard the Airship, my dear ones.

Work picked up astronomically and so I am awake at all hours, and exhausted when I am home.

Mudd the Mighty, your captain's Love Muffin, was in a major semi accident. He rolled it in West Virginia on the 10th, and has been home ever since, on Workman's comp. We did the MRI today and back to the orthopedist tomorrow.

I've coped with all this by mucking out the Airship. The bilge is downright vile, dears. There's a reason we put the unattractive hostages on that job.

We have also been swamped at the Press. Dreadmire, our new release, was a priority order, and got mainlined through so it can be ready for Elizabeth's Big Book Tour! Go find Elizabeth Donald on Facebook and tell her where to go. Or rather, tell her to come see you.

We're pounding along on three other novels and a pile of short stories.
So yes, work is happening here.

And in the middle of all this, my cabin boy and his sister are failing a couple of classes so there has been schoolwork crackdown.

But this should pick back up soon.

Release Day! Dreadmire

A float trip into hell, 

Dreadmire follows four adventurers on a quest through the dismal haunted swamp that lies on the edge of their land as a living nightmare. Tam, a disgraced Moor Knight, and his best friend team up with a guide and a seer to find Tam's lost love, and perhaps free the land from the evil that corrupts the creatures of Dreadmire into unspeakable horrors.

Available in print and ebook.

We're tickled to be able to re-release this nightmarish trip.  I first read it when it came out from the original publisher. I was in the laundromat and ignored my finished driers in order to finish it.

If you like quest fantasy, sword and sorcery, witty banter and True Love (or maybe just delusional obsession) this is definitely a good read.