Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bit of a Mea Culpa

There are lots of good reasons why I haven't kept up on the blog.

It has been a difficult month aboard the Airship, my dear ones.

Work picked up astronomically and so I am awake at all hours, and exhausted when I am home.

Mudd the Mighty, your captain's Love Muffin, was in a major semi accident. He rolled it in West Virginia on the 10th, and has been home ever since, on Workman's comp. We did the MRI today and back to the orthopedist tomorrow.

I've coped with all this by mucking out the Airship. The bilge is downright vile, dears. There's a reason we put the unattractive hostages on that job.

We have also been swamped at the Press. Dreadmire, our new release, was a priority order, and got mainlined through so it can be ready for Elizabeth's Big Book Tour! Go find Elizabeth Donald on Facebook and tell her where to go. Or rather, tell her to come see you.

We're pounding along on three other novels and a pile of short stories.
So yes, work is happening here.

And in the middle of all this, my cabin boy and his sister are failing a couple of classes so there has been schoolwork crackdown.

But this should pick back up soon.

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