Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Release Day! Dreadmire

A float trip into hell, 

Dreadmire follows four adventurers on a quest through the dismal haunted swamp that lies on the edge of their land as a living nightmare. Tam, a disgraced Moor Knight, and his best friend team up with a guide and a seer to find Tam's lost love, and perhaps free the land from the evil that corrupts the creatures of Dreadmire into unspeakable horrors.

Available in print and ebook.

We're tickled to be able to re-release this nightmarish trip.  I first read it when it came out from the original publisher. I was in the laundromat and ignored my finished driers in order to finish it.

If you like quest fantasy, sword and sorcery, witty banter and True Love (or maybe just delusional obsession) this is definitely a good read. 

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