Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Sexy Saturday: Wicked Sexy Game

This is from "Paying Forfeits" in the Into Dark Waters collection.

Sam and William like their Friday board game night. They like it even better when they start playing for sexual forfeits. When William's godson, Billy, joins the household, he joins in the games as well.

“If we are to play this, let us do it by the book." William flipped his own lacy cuff out of the way and showed Billy how to properly hold the flintlock pistol. “You don’t say ‘stick ‘em up’ or ‘reach for the sky.’  Say ‘stand and deliver’ instead.”

“Stand and deliver. Got it.”

William dropped into a full accent. “Aye, now, into the woods withee." He watched as Billy clumped off in the thigh boots, the red heels making his gait awkward. The claret velvet coat and the lace made the young man even sexier. He adjusted his own powdered wig and riding clothes as he walked to where Sam was waiting, already astride a dapple gray. His own bay mare whickered at him.

“Those boots make his ass so tempting,” Sam sighed, watching as Billy disappeared into the trees.

“So, we indulge your harpaxophilia, lover.”

“My what?”

“Your taste for rogues, especially highwaymen." William swung into the saddle. “We are fortunate young Billy is here. I fear I would hardly cut so fine a figure.”


  1. First puppy play and now rogues? Sounds like fun :D

  2. Interesting snippet. Playing games for sexual favors is always fun!