Wednesday, March 26, 2014

MidSouthCon, Square, Reviews and other delights

The plague that has gripped the airship seems to be lifting. Gabriel is once more puttering about, sending up unholy noises and unwholesome smells from the workroom. Lisa the Lab Rat is back in her riggings and the Quartermaster tends to his duties again.

And it has been a busy week or so, dear ones.

Bitten by Books reviewed Jimmy Gillentine's The Beast Within. He got 3.5 stars and the words "The Beast Within packs a big punch. It is a chilling tale of the internal struggle between man and beast, with both sides struggling for dominance." 

Speaking of, we totally sold out of The Beast Within at MidSouth Con. Jimmy and Elizabeth had many panels and enjoyed them. I staffed the booth, making sales and occasionally waylaying passerby.  Sales were definitely up. And the room parties were a hit. Darth Vader crashed ours on Saturday, with stormtrooper escort.

Jimmy also has a book signing in Granite City, IL on April 12. Go see him!

Inkstained Succubus books are now available at Square!

The plague set us back, as did an engagement in Oklahoma. Releases may be a little slow for a few weeks until we get back on track. But we will persevere.

Our next engagement is at FroliCon in Atlanta, April 17-20.   Come see us there!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Release! Skin and Bones

CeeCee Sanchez has penned a deep dark sequel to Hansel and Gretel.
Now grown to adulthood, Hansel and Gretel are forced to confront a new monster in their forest.

"It was late autumn when the tenor of the woods changed. The animals were subdued. Her traps lay untouched in the South and West and were stuffed in the North and East, littered with animals foamed in terror-sweat. Something in her recoiled at the idea of venturing far from the house, from its heated glow and the fire she could see safely flickering through the expensive, distorted glass of their one window.

But she had to go out anyway. They needed food, and she wouldn’t be cowed by some ghost in the trees. They were better off knowing and she wouldn’t put that burden on Hansel’s shoulders.

She went in the morning, early with the crisp chill bite of the air draining the hazy sunlight of any lingering autumnal warmth. The winter sun brought the damp into the leaves on the ground and into her bones, and the birds and small animals were quiet around her, waking up but holding their voices in.

But they were all quiet the next day, when she found the first human victim."

If you like your horror with lyricism and build, this is the story for you. I got all goosebumpy editing it.

Only $2.50