Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Four Days Left

Hi, My name is Angel and I'm a serial entrepreneur. Please enable my dysfunction. 8)

We're transitioning from a publishing house to a craft business.
Books aren't moving and handcrafts are.

For the last four days, your contribution will be credited at the next perk level.
$1 ebooks!
$30 gets a hat, a tarot reading, an audiobook, a paperback and an ebook.

At $5000, we negotiate.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Release Day!

At last!
The Anthology that Survived is out.

Our editor survived two concussions, one of which hospitalized her. Our formatter had a couple of breakdowns. And it's been one thing after another with some of stories and events.

But we pulled it off. Enjoy the last anthology from Inkstained Succubus.

And no, it's not winter, but here are some chills to carry into the warmer seasons.

The Tale of Morgan Maynard is a bit of holiday horror.

An Appropriate Response takes us on a Poe style tale of gothic terror.

The Other Half Live follows a combat vet starting a new job and a new romance, one that he can't possibly imagine.

What Slithers Beneath the Leaves is a tale reminiscent of Bradbury at his darkest. Autumn is beautiful, and a little terrifying. And this one captures it.

Death becomes Her. The gaslit horror of ordinary men is the centerpiece of this little conte cruel.

The Meek One's Keep. After the Apocalypse, one man finds he's not all alone. 

Of Unknown Origin. John W Campbell meets HP Lovecraft in this frozen nightmare.

Man in the Checkered Suit. Crossroads and deals and the mysterious stranger are standard in the genre, but this time, our man learns to be careful what he bargains for.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Royalties and Decisions

I did first quarter royalties.
We had a very slow quarter. We did not travel. I did a lot of twitter promotion which seems to have translated to bupkiss.

Somehwere Out there made 17 cents
Hungry Hearts, you made 28 cents
Dominant Tendencies got 74 cents
Winter Shivers got $1.21 each
And Candle in the Dark raked it in at 1.63 because of the audio book

Single titles fared about as poorly, with our best performer making $6.50 net.

There are no royalty checks being issued this quarter because no one made the $5 minimum


And this, this is exactly why the following announcement is being issued.

Inkstained Succubus will cease all outside operation as a small press, reverting back to a private reprint house, as of December 31, 2017. No new books will be published this year.

All current outstanding contracts are being voided and no new one will be issued. Pan's Garden and Have Quest Will Travel authors will receive their stories back unpublished, thus retaining their first sale rights.  Winter Chills is already processed on Amazon.

All rights will revert to the authors on that date. Extra paperback stock, if any, will be offered to the authors at cost plus mailing. Cover art for stand-alone titles will be available for purchase, should you wish it.

 We are only going that long to finish out our year's commitments.


It's been a long strange trip. And the financial reality of the business is that I can't afford to stay in it. I wish I could sell a million copies of everything, make my authors rich and make all their dreams come true. I can't. And it's unfair to keep you amazing authors shackled to the press.

So thank you for your faith in me and my crew. I'm sorry it was unfounded.
I'll keep tweeting and blogging until the old girl is impounded and I get stuck in a rocker on the porch of the Old Airship Pirate's Home.