Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Release Day, Part 2

Riding the Nightmare releases today.
It's a collection of older short stories, all m/m, from Angelia Sparrow.

Right now, it's only available in paperback, but the Kindle version should be on sale by the weekend. .pdf is forthcoming.

Eighteen gay dreams and nightmares to leave the reader wanting. Paul and Dan, architect and English professor, and werewolves, as they get together with internet friends, explore Memphis, save the world and fall in love. Chris and Dave love dressing up for conventions, usually with sexy results. Apollo and Zepheryos, a sadistic incubus, a variety of truck drives, academics, thieves and morticians await between the covers.

$5 for ebook
$15 for paperback

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Table of contents:

Cake Under the Mistletoe
Singing Up the Moon
Blue Mistletoe
Miskatonic Mistletoe
Siul a ruhn

Imperial Entanglements
Captain's Orders
How Not To Throw an Engagement Party

Ain't No Easy Run
Hot Load
Stolen Chocolate Tastes Sweetest
Racing the Past
Sweet Persuasion
Night Run

Release Day!

"Beyond the Veil" by Mindy Houston releases today.

It is available through Amazon for now.

Blurb: When Zeus decided to start updating Olympus, no one expected a hostile take-over by the Roman pantheon.

$2.99 kindle, $5 for paperback chapbook

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There will be a .pdf available soon.


 Apathy radiated off the God of Bloodlust.
The doctor adjusted his glasses and glanced from his notes to the chair where the God was uneasily seated. Taking a deep breath, he reminded himself that here, he was in control of the situation. He wouldn't allow Ares’ unnerving appearance derail him. He was here to do a job, and Zeus had promised unimaginable torments if he failed this simple task. He steeled his nerves and cleared his throat. Ares turned his fiery eyes to the doctor, and blinked slowly.
“Yes?” The God asked, his voice that of ten thousand men, some voices radiating agony, some radiating victory.
The doctor flinched, mentally chided himself for the lapse, and then said, “Do you know why you’re here, Ares?” He refused to use terms of worship. He was no supplicant to the Bloody God.
Ares shrugged, blood-smeared-over-bronze shoulders heaving with unspoken disdain. “My father’s orders. Some touchy-feely bullshit to see if I’m fit for duty.” He placed his hands on his knees, bracing himself to lean forward and look into the doctor’s face. “I am fit for duty, so you just write that down and I’ll be on my way.”
The doctor’s spine stiffened. This was his domain, not Ares’. His jaw set, he murmured, “I cannot do that, and you know that, Ares. That would be falsifying information and I refuse to be a part of that.”
Ares trembled, anger rolling palpably off of his form, like a fog of rage. The battle of wills took some long moments as he stared the small man down, the God's hell-lit eyes boring into his own clear hazel. Finally, Ares sat back in the chair, folding his arms over his chest, harrumphing.
“Fine. Fine. Let’s just get this over with so I can get back to work.”  

Friday, March 15, 2013

Up and running again!

It's been a while, my dears.  There have been changes here at Inkstained Succubus.

We're no longer a one-woman show. The Satellite Office, aka The Lost Lab,  is now open in Columbus, Ohio, under the competent hands of Gabriel Belthir.

Three new books will be coming out this month, and I am loving our covers. Whizzelfisch  Productions did our artwork.

 Beyond the Veil is a series of ten short stories about the business merger that let to the Greek gods becoming the Roman ones. Zeus is wanting to update his pantheon, but he must deal with his children and wife to do so.
 Crossroads is a horror-romance. Angela Johnson and Andrew Bane return in a dangerous tale of rescue from a group of scientists bent on learning Andrew's secrets.
Eighteen short stories of werewolves, truck drivers, cosplayers and more, including an incubus and Apollo himself.

Upcoming appearances!

Angelia will be MidSouth Con, in Memphis, March 22-24.
Angelia,  Gabriel and Cat will be at Frolicon in Atlanta, March 28-31
Angelia and Gabriel will be at OutLanta in Atlanta, May 3-5

Feel free to find us and talk to us. We'd love to hear what you're up to!