Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cover Reveals!

The Mad Scientist has been hard at work in the bowels of the airship!

And just see the new creations!


When they are complete, the authors' names will be on the front as well,

The books are available for pre-order only from Inkstained Succubus at a discount.
Winter Shivers is 10% off. (4.50, ebook)
Winter Chills is 10% off (4.50 ebook)
If you buy both, Winter Shivers is 10% and Winter Chills is 20% (8.50 ebook)

They will ship as soon as they are done.

Friday, November 27, 2015

News! is back online!

Whoo hoo!
Of course, books are still sold through Square.

And, the sales are still running.
The Literary Underworld has all IS books on sale for 15% off.

All crafts, including commission work, are 15% off at Conspiracy Arts Until Dec 1 with the code ISBlackFriday

Admit it. you KNOW someone who needs a TARDIS paddle.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales, Audiobooks and other fun things

There's a few of these.

All Inkstained Succubus books are 25% off at The Literary Underworld.

There is also a discount at All Romance E books

And at Conspiracy Arts, our craft subsidiary, the coupon code ISBlackFriday will get you 15% off. (this is case sensitive)


The name of the company has always been Inkstained Succubus Productions. I always intended for us to go multimedia.

And I can announce, we have three books in progress:
Candle in the Dark (and oh honey, "Savor" is SO hot!)
Skin and Bones

If you are an ACX reader, please go audition!

We're hard at work to get  Winter Shivers and Winter Chills done in time for holiday giving. If you have a horror fan on your list, these are a must-have. (as is "Skin and Bones," above, Hansel and Gretel vs the Wendigo)


Badass closes Dec 15. 5-15K, m/m happy ending. Give us sexy manly men, being macho and adventurous. Send it to


Our last con of the year is Geekonomicon in Biloxi MS. Watch this space for next year's plans


And because holidays are stressful, even at the best of times, here's wishing you love and happiness, and a few laughs to take the edge off.

A brief pause

It's the day before Thanksgiving. Everyone has been posting all the things they're thankful for all over social media.

Here aboard the Airship, we have our own list.

For my crew: The Mad Scientist, Quartermaster, Lab Rat, Dark Harlequin, and Ground Crew alike.
Without them, there would be no press.

For you, the readers, authors and editors. Without your stories, and your faith--however tenuous--in me, there would be no books.

For my father, who helped us out to get my teeth taken care of, and that spilled over into getting Gabriel's done too.

For the peace and quiet. My family is in Ohio and Kansas City. The Crew is in Tennessee. And I'm floating alone in the ship, just me and the cats. Loving this. Me, and the cats and my knitting and movies with my mental casts on the aertheric tank. (how on earth does a 29 year old manage to look 15?)

So from us and ours, to you and yours, give thanks for all you have. The year has been hard. Not everyone who was at our table last year is here this year. But we are here. And that's enough.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Christmas aboard the airship

So the First mate and Mad Scientist had his say.

Here's where you Captain comes down.

I celebrate Christmas for the same reason I mail Father's Day cards: my dad expects. I love my dad and won't have too many more years with him. So, I'm doing what I can to make sure he knows I love him.

I do not, however, love Christmas.  I never have, and I will spare you the tedious family backstory.

Christmas is--at best--a performance. I've quit performing lately. It takes all my energy to put on my professional face for work. And I am tired of pretending to be overjoyed about the birthday of a deity who specifically orders the deaths of me and mine, whether for our faith in other gods or for our sexual orientation.

As a pagan, I will be celebrating Yule. Yes, there are only 4 days difference, but the holidays are not the same, for all that our trappings got swiped.  I've asked the kid at home how much celebrating he wants to do. Mudd has put in an order for the traditional Christmas Lasagna and fudge. Also chocolate cookies, maybe. Otherwise, I may have to work. (I do on Thanksgiving) Because everyone has 9 PM scrapbooking emergencies.

That said...

We are looking to have Winter Shivers and Winter Chills ready for holiday gift giving, if you know someone who likes good horror.

The annual Yuletide YouTube celebration will be taking place at The Den of Debauchery's SubAnnex

There will be great sales on Inkstained Succubus books at The Literary Underworld and All Romance Ebooks.

And all month we will be featuring excerpts from Candle in the Dark.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Sexy Saturday: Their Sexy Gaze

We're starting our holiday* promo. This week's theme seemed apt, given the cover.

The shoot for this photo was a blast and the boys were just great.
And we have some sexy, lovely holiday stories under the cover.

*"Holiday" at Inkstained Succubus is an inclusive term. It covers Samhain/Halloween through Epiphany/12th Night, inclusive. Christmas is one of many. We regret to say there are no Hanukkah nor Eid stories in the anthology. None were submitted.

Buy Links:

Candle In The Dark ebook from Inkstained Succcubus
At Amazon in Kindle or Paperback
At All Romance Ebooks

From "Savor," in which Patrick receives a mysterious invitation to dine at the most exclusive restaurant for men. His server, Gio, encourages him to Savor the experience. 

Your Seven Sexy Sentences:

We met fifteen years ago, when I was on a blind date with someone else. He was a new chef and had come out of the kitchen to greet and mingle with the customers. When he came to our table to introduce himself and ask how the meal was, my date gave the same old standard reply, “It's great.” When Greg looked at me, our eyes locked and I went on for at least thirty minutes about the brilliant flavor combinations, especially the pastrami taco with the spicy cabbageslaw, pickled onions, and chipotle aioli.

The two of us became so involved in the discussion of Mexican food that my date ended up leaving. I stayed until the restaurant closed. We sat in the empty restaurant drinking some of the best margaritas, feeding each other scraps from the kitchen, and talking about nothing of great importance.

The Other Sexy People: 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

SOS to our Readers and Writers and Reviewers

We're getting the audiobook section of the business underway.

In order to build producers' interest in the books, we need reviews. There is not one Inkstained Succubus Book that has more than three Amazon reviews. Reviews and ratings drive how many people see a book.

So we, the publishers, are asking you, the authors and readers, to help us out.

If you're in an anthology, review the other stories in it. If you've read our books, leave some stars and a couple sentences at Amazon.

Word of mouth is the best advertising. (and for our authors it means more sales and more money)


If you are interested in review copies, drop me a message.

Even while the Website is down,
you can find us at
Square Marketplace
All Romance Ebooks

A Moment on Christmas from the Lost Laboratory

Hiho, the Mad Scientist here.

Let's talk about Christmas.

Let's talk about Christmas as a pagan in America. I know you've heard a lot about this, but I'm fairly certain you haven't heard my thoughts, or anything like it for that matter.

Here we go.

Christmas is probably my favorite holiday. For those of you joining this program already in progress, Pagans celebrate yule. I'm not supposed to celebrate Christmas. I am an avid member of the "War on Christmas", or so I'm told as I haul out the three giant tubs of decorations. But I love the holiday with all my little black heart.

My family is ridiculously drama-filled. There were entire years Paw didn't talk to the rest of the family. Without splaying my family drama all over the internet, let's say the rest of the year was...stressful. But my mom did one thing for me I will never blame her for. We had umpteen million boxes of Christmas stuff. We decorated like we were COMMITTED to the idea that Santa was going to see us from the North Pole. Dad got her a revolving Christmas Tree stand because she hated the idea that some of the ornaments would face the wall, and she'd sit there decorating while it spun with it's 10000 lights and just find a branch. I have no idea how she did it. I have one 20 gallon box and my tree already looks full. She had three.

But it wasn't the decorations. It was the stories. We had ornaments and decorations from 4
generations of our family, and I heard the stories every year of where each one was from, or who bought it, or some story about the family member who it was bought for. She'd put on the record player (yes, with the spinning and the needle) and listen to old Christmas albums and have Dad make a fire. He was the one who always insisted on the Spiced Cider in the crock pot. Christmas was a time for me when the rest of the year fell away. The whole family would come together, and the presents would pile halfway up the tree, and nobody had a bad word to say to
anyone else. Nanny would spend half the day tasting the dressing to make sure it had enough sage, and Paw made the best fudge while the cousins sat in a corner and gossipped with each other. Nanny would sit in her favorite chair, wearing a brilliant silk mumu (because on my Nanny, it looked like a queenly robe), and her legs all twisted up under her so she could hold court. My mom would always refuse to open her presents until last because once they were opened she felt like it was over, and she'd always laugh and bat at her brother when he gave her heck for it. It was a safe sanctuary, teaching me what the concept of a "sacred time and place" were.

Now, as an adult and a pagan, I get reminded every year how Christmas isn't my holiday. How I'm supposed to remember how consumerist it is. How Christians hijacked my holiday and how depressed it makes everyone. How stressed this holiday makes people, and how I should simplify and not bother. And I've finally had enough.

Tradition can be defined as "the handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs,information, etc., from generation to generation, especially by word of mouth or by practice." Christmas is my tradition. It meant a sacred time and place where the family came together and shared a roaring fire, and gifts, and love. I may no longer celebrate the birth of Christ, but since it didn't happen in December anyway, it doesn't really matter. It's a cornucopia of my traditions all bundled together - the tree, the yule log, St. Nick. This is OUR HOLIDAY, pagans. So they gave it a different name. We appropriate things all the time in society. And I want to share that idea of something sacred, and loving, and perfect with my family now that I have one. Taking time out of the year to say, "Okay. That sucked. But we're all still here, and we love each other, and we're going to be okay."

Stop the "War on Christmas". Take it back. It was ours, and we need to stop running from reclaiming it. Have Yule. Have Christmas. Have it for our reasons. Take it back.

Just some Christmas thoughts.

I'll be in tow!

Gabriel Belthir
First Mate and Mad Scientist

p.s. On the subject of Christmas decorations, let's start a movement for the embrace of artificial Christmas trees, people. It's representative decorating, because let's be honest. It's not the pagan way to celebrate a holiday by watching a plant slowly dying in your living room. Seems a little contrary, no? So save a tree. Buy an artificial one.

Monday, November 2, 2015


As many of you know, Gabriel, our First Mate and Mad Scientist, has been having a lot of health problems.

We haven't expounded on them. He has bad teeth, the result of incompetent dentistry.
Several of these have become so severely infected that even several courses of antibiotics have not knocked it back.

Tomorrow, Gabriel goes in for oral surgery. With these bad teeth gone, we hope his health will improve and he won't spend a week prostrate with pain, looking as if he has the mumps every time a pressure system moves through.

Any good thoughts you can send tomorrow afternoon would be appreciated.