Friday, June 17, 2016

Audio Book Releases!

We've had several Audiobooks finish production

1) 1KRV5 is up. Nicholas Camm did a brilliant job on this tale of love and invention.

2) Elizabeth Donald fans, D. Jordan Padrona has finished Dreadmire!  Come take the floattrip to Hell!

3) Jimmy Gillentine's story of inhuman love comes to your ears as well. The Beast Within.

5) Audry Lusk is our audio guide through 8 tales of SF romance in Somewhere Out There

Give your ears a summer treat!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

All kinds of news

There are several things afoot here, even as we begin the process of storing the airship indefinitely.

1) Audiobooks.

We have a new audiobook out. And several more headed to retail.
These rights will revert on Dec 31, 2016, IF YOU CHOOSE. If you would prefer they remain available in this format, that's fine too.

Matters of Scale is available for $6.95. Written by BR Sanders, read by Crystal Jeffs, a tale of clockpunk elves.

2) Travel. 

There are still two conventions on the calendar.
Mephit Fur Meet and ConTraception.

The Cartpenter's Wyfe, our new division, is going to the Memphis Renaissance faire, The Kansas City Renaissance festival and Festival of Souls.

Kindlmart, a December SCA event where all materials would go, is still up in the air.

3) Books
We will continue to publish some limited titles, the Eight Thrones series, even after official shut down. Glad Hands and Anthony are slated for this year.