Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Christmas aboard the airship

So the First mate and Mad Scientist had his say.

Here's where you Captain comes down.

I celebrate Christmas for the same reason I mail Father's Day cards: my dad expects. I love my dad and won't have too many more years with him. So, I'm doing what I can to make sure he knows I love him.

I do not, however, love Christmas.  I never have, and I will spare you the tedious family backstory.

Christmas is--at best--a performance. I've quit performing lately. It takes all my energy to put on my professional face for work. And I am tired of pretending to be overjoyed about the birthday of a deity who specifically orders the deaths of me and mine, whether for our faith in other gods or for our sexual orientation.

As a pagan, I will be celebrating Yule. Yes, there are only 4 days difference, but the holidays are not the same, for all that our trappings got swiped.  I've asked the kid at home how much celebrating he wants to do. Mudd has put in an order for the traditional Christmas Lasagna and fudge. Also chocolate cookies, maybe. Otherwise, I may have to work. (I do on Thanksgiving) Because everyone has 9 PM scrapbooking emergencies.

That said...

We are looking to have Winter Shivers and Winter Chills ready for holiday gift giving, if you know someone who likes good horror.

The annual Yuletide YouTube celebration will be taking place at The Den of Debauchery's SubAnnex

There will be great sales on Inkstained Succubus books at The Literary Underworld and All Romance Ebooks.

And all month we will be featuring excerpts from Candle in the Dark.

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