Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales, Audiobooks and other fun things

There's a few of these.

All Inkstained Succubus books are 25% off at The Literary Underworld.

There is also a discount at All Romance E books

And at Conspiracy Arts, our craft subsidiary, the coupon code ISBlackFriday will get you 15% off. (this is case sensitive)


The name of the company has always been Inkstained Succubus Productions. I always intended for us to go multimedia.

And I can announce, we have three books in progress:
Candle in the Dark (and oh honey, "Savor" is SO hot!)
Skin and Bones

If you are an ACX reader, please go audition!

We're hard at work to get  Winter Shivers and Winter Chills done in time for holiday giving. If you have a horror fan on your list, these are a must-have. (as is "Skin and Bones," above, Hansel and Gretel vs the Wendigo)


Badass closes Dec 15. 5-15K, m/m happy ending. Give us sexy manly men, being macho and adventurous. Send it to


Our last con of the year is Geekonomicon in Biloxi MS. Watch this space for next year's plans


And because holidays are stressful, even at the best of times, here's wishing you love and happiness, and a few laughs to take the edge off.

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