Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A brief pause

It's the day before Thanksgiving. Everyone has been posting all the things they're thankful for all over social media.

Here aboard the Airship, we have our own list.

For my crew: The Mad Scientist, Quartermaster, Lab Rat, Dark Harlequin, and Ground Crew alike.
Without them, there would be no press.

For you, the readers, authors and editors. Without your stories, and your faith--however tenuous--in me, there would be no books.

For my father, who helped us out to get my teeth taken care of, and that spilled over into getting Gabriel's done too.

For the peace and quiet. My family is in Ohio and Kansas City. The Crew is in Tennessee. And I'm floating alone in the ship, just me and the cats. Loving this. Me, and the cats and my knitting and movies with my mental casts on the aertheric tank. (how on earth does a 29 year old manage to look 15?)

So from us and ours, to you and yours, give thanks for all you have. The year has been hard. Not everyone who was at our table last year is here this year. But we are here. And that's enough.

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