Thursday, April 7, 2016

Release Day!

At last!
The Anthology that Survived is out.

Our editor survived two concussions, one of which hospitalized her. Our formatter had a couple of breakdowns. And it's been one thing after another with some of stories and events.

But we pulled it off. Enjoy the last anthology from Inkstained Succubus.

And no, it's not winter, but here are some chills to carry into the warmer seasons.

The Tale of Morgan Maynard is a bit of holiday horror.

An Appropriate Response takes us on a Poe style tale of gothic terror.

The Other Half Live follows a combat vet starting a new job and a new romance, one that he can't possibly imagine.

What Slithers Beneath the Leaves is a tale reminiscent of Bradbury at his darkest. Autumn is beautiful, and a little terrifying. And this one captures it.

Death becomes Her. The gaslit horror of ordinary men is the centerpiece of this little conte cruel.

The Meek One's Keep. After the Apocalypse, one man finds he's not all alone. 

Of Unknown Origin. John W Campbell meets HP Lovecraft in this frozen nightmare.

Man in the Checkered Suit. Crossroads and deals and the mysterious stranger are standard in the genre, but this time, our man learns to be careful what he bargains for.

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