Sunday, September 6, 2015

Mephit Fur Meet and a Birthday on Board!

Your Mad Scientist  and First Mate is having a birthday today!
Please give zir good wishes as ze embarks on a new year!

Our sexy, naughty kitty-boy got no spanking this year, though, as pain levels elsewhere were too high.

And we spent the weekend celebrating at FurMeet.

This is one of our favorite conventions and we had a glorious time. Lisa the Lab Rat got to show off her best work. The first picture is her in the Fur Suit Parade, her first year for marching in it. The second is a tired Lisa-Bunny in her blankie sleeper.

Your Captain showed up in full furry steampunk glory, corset, ears and tiny top-hat

The sales were good. And we are off to Imaginarium next weekend in Louisville KY. The Expo hall is free for everyone!

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