Saturday, September 26, 2015

My Sexy Saturday: Sexy Today

So today, there really is no theme except sexy today. Authors are free to post whatever they want within the normal rules. Just make it sexy, sexy and more sexy.

We're kicking off Halloween early here on the airship with a sexy interlude at the Scholomance. This is the school, high in the Carpatihans, where the Devil himself teaches 13 of the world's best and brightest. Only 12 leave. And this session, Chris is paying everyone's "Tuition fees."

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And just for fun, the cheese romance novel cover, from the Romance Cover generator.

Your Seven Sexy Paragraphs :

"Sweet boy," he whispered.

Chris gasped, "Don't leave yet."

"I'll stay within as long as I can." Morgenstern rolled them back to spooning, cradling Chris gently and whispering filthy French poetry until the young man calmed down.

"So good," Chris said softly.

"So very good, little artist. A work of art in itself." When Chris laughed, Morgenstern kissed his neck, his ear and his cheek, his lips light and comforting. "You came to my bed fearful: afraid of pain, afraid of my size, afraid of your inexperience. Have I quelled your fears?" He shifted as he softened enough to leave Chris's body.

Chris rolled to face him. "All of them." For the first time, he looked deep into Morgenstern's eyes, losing himself in them, drowning in honey and amber. "I've wanted this for months." The intensity in his voice drew an answering nod from Morgenstern.

"I knew the first night, from the way you looked at me. You were not simply storing me up to draw. But Walpurgis night seemed a much more appropriate time for a," he chuckled, "virgin sacrifice."

The Other Sexy People:

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