Thursday, September 24, 2015

Open Calls

All stories should be between 5000 and 15000 words. Shorter or longer will ONLY be considered if exceptional. (over 20,000 words is a novella)

Badass remains open until Dec 15. This is M/M erotic, with enough testosterone to power a small city. Whether your hero is a master of mayhem or a thinking cowboy, a pirate, a treasure hunter or a spell-binder, show him doing what he does the best for the reward he wants the most. HEA/HFN ending required (I personally like "Happily ever after, until the next crisis!")

January 15 is the deadline for Kagema's Sons, the rent boy anthology. (M/m erotic)

Xenophile is open until next March. this is our alien lover anthology. Any orientation known to humanity or other sentients. One person in the relationship must be a non-Terran. All heat levels of romance. M/m, m/f, f/f, poly and trans welcome. HEA/HFN required

June 15 brings Mythos for the Modern Age to a close. Think American Gods or Deathbird Stories. We know where rain comes from. What are the gods we need for the modern age, for the future? (non erotic)

For Sale by Owner ends July 1. How do you transfer ownership of your boy? (m/m BDSM, erotic)

And you have a whole year to come up with something for Friends with Strange Benefits. This is a paranormal romance anthology.  All orientations welcome, but show us something new, something other than oversexed vampires, tough female leads in leather jackets, werewolves having a bad hair day 3 nights a month and schmoopy zombies.   Erotic encouraged, HEA/HFN required.

Send submissions to inkstainedsubmissions at gmail.

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