Saturday, September 5, 2015

My Sexy Saturday: Talk Sexy To Me

We know all about talking sexy to me. We know that lovers have a special language that only two of them share. The hidden looks, the longing gaze, the love shining in their eyes all accompanied by those sexy, sexy words.

From "Five Time Loser" in Into Dark Waters

Your Seven Sexy Paragraphs :

“Oh, my. And here, I was expecting a story about how you picked up a pretty runaway at the last
truck-stop, fed him dinner, fucked him silly and called him Pelton all evening.”

“No, sweet. I'm waiting for you. I want you too much to waste it.”

“Got a hot load, huh?” Pelton teased.

“Hot for you, yeah. And I don't even know you yet. I'd be hotter still if I did.”

Pelton's soft laugh only made him harder. He fought to keep his hand under the big head and not wrapped around the little one. “We'll see how hot soon enough. Going to burn my tongue with it?”

Tom smiled. It sounded like Pelton was really into cocksucking. He loved a good blow-job.
“Yeah, burn that wicked tongue of yours. Where'd you learn to use it like that?”

“Boy scouts,” Pelton said, his voice all innocence. He promptly ruined it by laughing like a loon.

The Other Sexy People:

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  1. Very interesting, yet funny, snippet. Thanks for sharing and being part of My Sexy Saturday.