Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The lovely smell of fresh books

So, the grounders discovered a way to catch up with us. Fortunately, they were delivering a large parcel of fresh books.

And oh, ducks, are they pretty!

Resistance has lovely artwork by Laura Curry on the cover, and a faint cityscape under the back text.

Dominant Tendencies has a beautiful naked man in shibari on the front and another of him in negative on the back.

And how can these delights, and all their gripping contents: lesbian elves, sexy combat mages, spacefaring musicians, and desperate gladiators be yours?

There are several ways.

Use the store tab at  This is the preferred method, if you have paypal. We will be shipping tomorrow if you have ordered the books.

You can find Resistance and Dominant Tendencies at Amazon as well.

The ebooks are available at All Romance Ebooks

I do love beautiful new books!

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