Sunday, May 4, 2014


We are pleased to announce the release of Resistance, A Novel of Aerdh, from B. R. Sanders!

The book is available in paperback, kindle, .pdf and .epub versions.

Resistance has many faces, and one of them is Shandolin’s.

When she finds her friend brutally murdered, Shandolin decides to fight instead of run–but her only hope of survival is a takeover of the City government. Shandolin draws everyone she loves into the fray with her: her assassin lover, Rivna; her mentor, Moshel; and her best friend, Kel.

Apart, they are weak, but together Shandolin and her friends, lovers and fellows may be just strong enough to save their skins and the skins of the other elves in the City.

Buy link:!shop--cart/c1ljh

This is BR Sanders' debut novel, and we are pleased to have it

Author Bio: B R Sanders lives and works in Denver, CO, with their family and two cats, where they spend a whole lot of time writing character-driven fantasy. Their work explores sexuality, gender, and resistance set against a rich and fully realized fantasy backdrop. They studied Psychology, Law and Society, and Religion at Oberlin College, and earned a Ph.D. in the Personality and Social Contexts Area of the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor’s Psychology Department. When they are not knee-deep in words, they are crunching spreadsheets as a K-12 Education data analyst.

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