Sunday, May 4, 2014

Double Release Day: Dominant Tendencies

What Master Wants, Master Gets

Five BDSM stories to take you from the far reaches of the galaxy to the depths of cyberpsace and back down the mean, magical streets of Memphis

Debts and Credits by Sian Hart gives us Daelyn, elf slicer with a bad cyber-gambling habit. When he gets too far in debt, his life is sold for his losses, but his new master is nothing like he expected

Riding the Edge by Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks takes us out with Delta Bluesmen, a combat mage unit from Memphis, as the newest brother learns the difference between training and the real mission

Sacrifice by Gabriel Belthir. Mattheius saves the life of the foriegn captive and claims him, but how high of a price will they both pay?

The Errant Son by G.C. Mika. Politics and pleasure in a world where family name is everything, but one man has sold his to be himself.

What He Brought Home by T.C. Mill, Musician Kanovan always brings something nice home for his husband.

Available in paperback, .pdf, .mobi and .epub

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