Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: Doing Sexy

"Share with us this week those characters who are doing sexy and don’t realize it. Every characters has to appeal to readers and each are different in oh so many ways. So show us the characters that make our hearts sing as they go on their journey of discovery about themselves and those they love."

Today's excerpt is from "Debts and Credits" by Sian Hart.
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Daelyn took a breath. During the last two days, he’d chosen a plan. He was certain that the Djinn had a plethora of willing, submissive toys. He was also certain there had been plenty who had been unresponsive, broken by the isolation. No, he would try something else.

He smiled. “I don’t think she had to do much work for you. This must be a dream.” He took a few more steps inside, letting the sheer fall behind him. “A real Djinn, most say.”

Only on my mother’s side, and very far back.” He kept smiling as Daelyn came to the cushions. “I had word you were most spirited, in fact you had to be put in stasis. Intriguing.” When Daelyn was close enough, the Djinn caught his wrist and pulled him down to the cushions, to lie beside the large and beautiful body.

It actually elicited a giggle out of Daelyn. He settled down. “It was better than being kept alone for three or four months.” He laid his head on a pillow and closed his eyes. “I’ve been on the nets and around people for so long, it was sheer hell. And now I get rewarded with heaven.” He opened his eyes again and smiled again. “If I’d known you were...well, this, I’d have volunteered.”

It would have done you no good.” The Djinn ran a gentle hand along Daelyn’s face and side. “I was engaged elsewhere and not here at home. You are the first I’ve summoned since I acquired you.”

Daelyn, robbed of physical contact for so long, arched under the Djinn’s touch. He opened his eyes wide as the term slid into place. It was a strange one, and it felt a little like panic. He bit his lip. Nothing he had planned to say was coming out.

Such a sweet little mouth. I’m the only one who gets to bite it.” The brush of the Djinn’s lips over his own took him aback and then he settled into the kiss. As promised, the Djinn did nibble his lower lip. “And such hungry skin.” His hand moved over Daelyn’s belly and up to tease his nipple awake. “You are delicious and I plan to taste you as long as I like.”

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