Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October aboard the Airship

It's the most wonderful time of the year. The leaves are gorgeous, the weather is perfect and the sky is an endless blue.

And we are very very busy aboard the Inkstained Succubus.

We had a wonderful time at ContraFlow in New Orleans this past weekend. The people who run this show are wonderful, warm and accommodating. The panels were delightful, and the audiences asked good questions. The attendees showed a wide and amazing variety of costumes and creativity. The 501st was out. I completely recommend this convention to anyone in reasonable distance!

Our display continues to improve. 

K9 broke down (for real, he had to go home on a scooter cart because his wheels refused) so the Doctor spent most of Saturday trying to repair him.

Gabriel appears to be ready to hitch a ride to adventure and trouble. It's okay. The Doctor will have zir home before they left.

And of course, New Orleans, so foooooood! We had pork chops and catfish, cheesey pasta with shrimp and fried mushrooms and okra, crawfish pie and shrimp po'boys.

So that was the fun part of October.

Now, it's work time.

Hungry Hearts WILL be out this month. It is in formatting, which means chaining Gabriel to a work table.

Candle in the Dark has been accepted, contracted and is going out to the editor. We plan to have it out in early November for holiday giving.

Nikolai Revenant is now full price. We gave away 248 copies of it. Reviews are welcome

"Diplomacy and Universal Constants" just came out. If you like your science fiction with a side of swashbuckling, give this one a try.

In order to do all this, we will be hard at it.

E-mails will be responded to relatively promptly (allow 3 days, please. I am on a grueling day job schedule).
If you submitted something in the last month, you will be hearing soon.

So, look for us at ConTraception in Independence MO on November 7-9!

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