Monday, October 20, 2014

News! We have news!

1) Free Read!
Do you like scary stories? This one gave me prickly goosebumps. ducks.

Skin and Bones is free for the month of October.
Go to the site and download!

2) SF adventure!
Mihai Calugareanu gives us a tale of aggressive negotiations with "Diplomacy and Universal Constants." If you like your adventure neat, and a little violent, this is for you!

3) Coming very soon!
Hungry Hearts is in the final stages and should be out this week.
Five tales of erotic horror to leave you squirming with desire and/or fear.

4) New Calls!
We have our calls up through July of 2016.
Heroic fantasy, Action Adventure, Horror, Myth and every imaginable shade of kink. Go see what we're looking for!

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