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New Story Calls, Part Two!

Oh, my brothers! Happy Halloween, Samhain, and whatever else you celebrate on the night the veil is the closest to our world. I hope you enjoyed the last installment of "Here, write something for us." We've got part two today. Out of ten (my god, we're masochists) new story calls, here's something we're very proud of: the Kink Line.

We loved Dominant Tendencies. It's now on sale, and if you haven't picked up a copy, I really recommend it.

The reviews so far have been really positive. We realized when we were editing this that these weren't just stories of kinky people. They were stories that kinky people would want to read. Most of us are awesome geeks when it comes to our tastes in literature and other entertainment, and it's why so many of us are fanfiction authors and fansite moderators and etc. In a lot of ways, it's helped us bring clarity to what we wanted out of the press, because not only did we like to read it, we liked to write it. The good response we received has given rise to the next great adventure: a line of kinky books for kinky people.

So introducing the Kink Line!

Submissive Pleasures
Deadline: January 1st, 2015
There is a heady sensation to giving up power, to being completely cared for and taken care of. Whether learning to find subspace for the first time, an experienced service submissive or a long-term couple in a TPE relationship, a single scene or a forever-couple, let us see the beautiful boys who adore serving their men, and the men who have proven themselves worthy of this devotion. Companion volume to Dominant Tendencies. SF/F/Paranormal required. 

Pairing: M/M erotic.
Happy For Now required.
Expected Release: April 15th, 2015 

We thought, because we had such a reaction to Dominant Tendencies, that we'd make a bit of a bookend anthology. We've already chosen the cover image for this one (another beautiful photograph by Andrei Vishnyakov) and I'm terribly excited about it. I may write a continuation of Sacrifice for this one. Beautiful boys and men who run the gamut, all caught in chains. It gives me the shivers. I just love it.

Master Mine
Deadline: May 15th, 2015
Few things are more beautiful than a willing girl in a collar. This anthology focuses on the realtionship between male Dominants and their female submissives. She can be exploring long-held fantasies for the first time, a strong woman who needs to let everything go on the weekend, or in a permanant D/s relationship with her top. All stories are welcome, but it must be F/SF/Paranormal. 

Pairing: M/f erotic.
Happily Ever After or Happy For Now required.
Expected Release: August 15th, 2015 

So, the boys shouldn't get to have all the fun. We like to run hetero anthologies sometimes. Master Mine is a title that's been ringing around my brain for some time (due to the fact that it's what I call my Master) and I can't wait to see it come to fruition. Maledom and femmesub has been a staple of kink for some time, but adding the speculative fiction twist should be nice. I should warn you all that any Gorean fic (or something indistinguishable from Gorean fic) isn't where we're going with this. So if it's a huge, far-reaching Maledom society where all women are slaves, it best have a different twist.

Mistress Mine
Deadline: September 1st, 2015
She may be a barbarian swordswoman, hauling her captive civilized scribe along to record her adventures, a powerful sorceress with a dedicated body servant, or a starship captain whose exec is a little more devoted to her than usual, but she is always the one in control. He lives to obey her and make her happy. A new couple or long-time partners, give us the sweet, the sexy and the Lady in charge. F/SF/Paranormal required. 

Pairing: F/m erotic.
Happily Ever After or Happy For Now required.
Expected Release: Janruary 1st, 2016 

Not to be outdone, Inkstained Succubus is always equal opportunity. This is a flipside of Master Mine, still in the hetero area but with Femmedom and malesub. The Boss is going to enjoy these stories, I think. She has always enjoyed stories like these. Once again, women in charge is nothing new, and Dominatrixes are commonplace enough for CSI, but the speculative fiction angle should be interesting.

Kagema's Sons
Deadline: January 15th, 2016
Hustlers, rent boys, role-players or other, let us see love - or at least sex - for hire. The world's oldest profession is an endless source of inspiration, and even more so when it's not limited to this world. What could prostitution become among the stars, or in a world with telepaths or paranormal creatures, or even in a fantasy milieu? Show us the boys of the night, who are looking for money from those looking for love. 

Pairing: M/M Erotic
Happily Ever After or Happy For Now required.
Expected Release: May 1st, 2016  

So, the term 'kagema' is an ancient Japanese term for a male prostitute. It's come back into popular colloquialism. So saying 'Kagema's Sons' is a bit like saying 'Jezebel's Daughters'. (Which, coincidentally, is going to be the name of the companion volume if this one goes over well. We'll do it F/F, too, just for flavor.) Oh, who hasn't wanted to play with this old convention? Even just in play, having your characters toy at being 'for rent to highest bidder' is absolutely titillating. I know I want to write for this one.

For Sale By Owner
Deadline: July 1st, 2016
There comes a time when a slave is no longer right for the owner, whether it's just time, the owner's status changes, or other circumstances lead to the block. That means it's time for a sale, which brings its own fears. Will the new owner be a better fit?   Will the sale lead to happiness, or straight into nightmare? Give us the stories of this liminal time in a slave's life, the transfer of ownership. SF/F/Paranormal required.

Pairing: M/M Erotic
Happy For Now required.
Expected Release: October 15th, 2016 

This one's fairly narrow, which is why it's listed the farthest out. There are few scenes more intriguing than that of the auction. We're accepting auction and private sale, or personal gift, or what have you for this one, but the insecurity of the new owner relationship is what we're looking for. It may not be immediate love at first sight, either. Or there may need to be more than one change of hands. This should be a good one for worldbuilding, creating societies in speculative fiction that include the slave market. Entire slave-based economies, perhaps. We'll see.


Well, my lovely ducklings, that's all of them! Get to your keyboards, batten down the hatches, hoist the main sails! NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow, and I've just given you all some lovely inspiration.
(I'll throw you an awesome graphic to enjoy for the duration of November.

I'll be in tow!

Gabriel Belthir
First Mate and Mad Scientist

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