Saturday, October 25, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: A Sexy Halloween

So this week scare us in the best ways. Show us your sexy characters and their sexy romance on or near Halloween. Tell us the whole story on how they fell in love, what they do to stay in love and all the little details in between. 

It's not Halloween themed, but erotic horror is always in style this time of year.

This week is from Hungry Hearts. A bitter taste of Darkness from "Persephone is Bleeding."


See me.

As incomprehensible as it was, his hands dropped from his lids, and it took him several moments to peer past the neon swirls and sparkling spatter that remained stuck to his irises. He blinked, trying to focus on the glowing shape, the shadows long shed. The figure leaned nearer, peering down through Clay’s eyes and into the depths where his soul lay hiding, curled up and cringing in a corner. 

What might have been its hand reached out toward him, and Clay’s eyes widened in wonder at the thought. Touch was not given here without layers of meaning and misery behind it; even Father’s loving touches came at a cost, and Clay always did his best to avoid those whenever possible. If it were not to punish or to ply his trade, Clay deemed touch unnecessary, an inevitable consequence of learning at Lucifer’s hand.

Instead, Clay listed into the stranger’s grip, its every sinew and finger and bone burning brightly against his skin. Clay felt his flesh blister beneath its palms, but even when the top layer of his skin dissolved beneath the crevices and crags of its hands, it still did not feel like one of Father’s touches. Lucifer had laid his fiery brands upon him and Clay’s soul had shrunk and shriveled at the weight of them. But at this creature’s touch, his soul swelled, pressing back against its palm on his chest until it felt as if it held Clay’s heart in its hand. 

And before Father’s fingers came to blind him once more, no more delicate than they had been in that time Before, Clay finally saw proof that the sky he remembered had not been like the stories Lucifer shared with him. He saw proof that he had not made up that spectacular shade that had haunted both his dreams and his nightmares for as long as Clay could recall. This strange creature had brought Clay the greatest gift he could possibly receive, more so than his freedom, even more than his role as Father’s right hand.

As his vision cleared, this light-bright, soul searing shadow brought him the one thing that no one else down here possibly could.



  1. Another example of terrific visuals. I'm jealous. very good.

  2. We're all jealous of Zanne. Ze is amazing.