Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Release!

Release Day!

Alright, so it's a couple of days late to get the blog post up, but we have an exciting release and pre-release for you today.

Firstly, allow me to present:

The first in a three-book series of paranormal romance, this new book burns and breaks. Jimmy Gillentine delivers a riveting story of an immortal beast and his forbidden love, and this is only the beginning. We'll also be re-releasing Crossroads, it's sequel, later this year.  

Who should read this? Fans of romance, unearthly creatures, and high-strung action.

Check it out today in print, .pdf, or .epub from the Inkstained Store.

Also, we've got the announcement of a pre-order, available today.

A brand new horror short from CeeCee Sanchez, this continuation of Hansel and Gretel should not be read in the dark! Left in the forest to grow up hearty and paranoid, Hansel and Gretel must face a monster that makes the animals flee before it, as well as the haunting memories of their traumatic childhood. Action, suspense, and terror on a silver platter.

Go grab a pre-order for your own digital copy today!

Well, we've got exciting things coming soon. Also, don't forget Steampunk Month! Another installment of the Inky Suki adventures coming this Friday. And we just might have a photodump weekend!

I'll be in tow!

Gabriel Belthir
First Mate and Mad Scientist

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