Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mittwoch Updates from the

Welcome aboard!
It's been an exciting week of high activity here on the Airship.

Your Captain and her consort spent a delightful weekend amidst steampunk, dieselpunk and other anachronauts at AnachroCon in Georgia. The convention, despite some logistical problems, went off swimmingly. I spoke on SteamyPunk (Our preferred delight, sexy steampunk), short fiction, Alternate history and the Wild West, and a general Q&A that got very interesting during a discussion on disabilities. Of course, most panels are interesting when you put Lee Martindale and myself on them. But this one, she has mobility issues, I'm developing them, and I'm hard of hearing.

Big Kudos to the entire con staff for pulling this one off! We'll definitely be back next year.


Jimmy Gillentine's The Beast Within released this week. We're excited about this Beauty and the Beast story set in Memphis.


Peter Tupper and HC Playa have been making the Blog Tour circuit.
Peter is enduring special torments in the circles of the Southern Belle from Hell, Alexandra Christian:

And if you haven't read "An Angel Has No Memory" or Fated Bonds yet, what are you waiting for?


CeeCee Sanchez's darkly lyrical nightmare, "Skin and Bones" is available for pre-order. We just got the cover and it's amazing. But yeah, this tale of Hansel and Gretel, all grown up and facing more danger, made even your jaded captain shiver a time or two.


BR Sanders' Resistance is also up for pre-order. Shandolin and her band of freedom fighters are coming your way in March.

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