Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Lost Laboratory

Greetings, darlings!

My name is Gabriel Belthir, and I run the Columbus office of Inkstained Succubus. I'm an author of three short stories and a novel. I'm happily genderqueer, happily married, and still happily the mad scientist around our little press here. Our segment runs every Monday
(give or take if I'm on the road) and it'll be classified like so:

Notes from the Lost Laboratory:
These segments are part of writer's workshops or other interesting bits. We'll host other author's blog posts, interview people, and occassionaly run contests or other offers for the Columbus office.

Currently we're running a writer's workshop on World-building in science fiction called Surfing the Cosmos on an Ironing Board. Look for the second installment next week!

Leaks from the Deadly Ninja Sewing Circle:

These updates will be sporadic at best, and usually over the weekend. These will be exciting announcements, sneak peeks, first glimpses, beta reader calls and offers, and other neat little tidbits.

Coming soon, we'll be asking one of our resident authors, Jimmy Gillentine, to give us a sneak peek into his next manuscript. Only here on the InkySuki blog!

We're so excited to truly open a node of the internet devoted to our readers and fostering new talent. If you would like to post with us, drop me a line with a proposal for your post or an excerpt of the new work you want to promote. You may end up in Dispatches or Notes, depending on your blog or interview.

I'll be in tow!

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