Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Home from FroliCon

The Inkstained Succubus crew had a wonderful time at FroliCon this year.

Gabriel Belthir, who heads the satellite office, and Angelia Sparrow did a bunch of panels. And ran FroliCon's First Ever LARP!

It was very successful. Murder at the Pleasure Club is set in the Eight Thrones Universe. Everyone has gathered to celebrate Pyotr Touchkoff's 100th birthday. And wackiness ensued.

Angelia had far too much fun as Michelino, Master of the Men's Pleasure Club. That riding crop came into use more than once...

Gabriel ran it excellently, and Kevin, Gabriel's mate, played an awesome Pyotr.

Cat Emerson, our graphic designer and occasional editor, did some fine minion work, staffing the sales booth, and meeting last year's sales' numbers.

But we are home and work will resume as usual. Look for regular posts here.

Ta, Darlings! I'm going back to bed. The convention was QUITE exhausting. So many pretty, pretty people and everyone was amazingly sexy.

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