Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Sexy Saturday: We're Sexy Hot!

Remember that your characters are all sexy and we want to hear about the places they go. They could be anyone on this world, part of the next world or the many unknown worlds lurking in the stars. The one thing we do know is that they are hot, hot, HOT!

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From "Expectations"
Durak bought Cori on a penal slave auction and has assumed custody of the little hacker. Now that the job for which Cori was bought has been accomplished, they settle in to see what else can be done.

Your Seven Sexy paragraphs:

Cori smiled and took Durak’s hand, leading him from around the table and up against his body. "Hope that military style is familiar to you, solider boy.” He leaned up and took a kiss from Durak’s lips, insistent and almost controlling as he wound his fingers through the short hair on Durak’s head.

“Want me to call you Sir too?” Durak said. “I’m good at taking orders. And if that’s what you like, make free.”

“Sir sounds good.” That little wicked grin sparkled in the boy’s eyes as he pushed Durak back on the lounge and mounted him, stealing his very breath with kisses. With deft fingers, he pulled Durak’s clothes from him piece by piece, exposing just how much of his body was made of metal these days.

Mechanics criss-crossed Durak’s torso. Durak took pride in keeping up his muscled flesh. His arm whirred a little as he shucked off his shirt with Cori’s help, and there was a certain joy in Cori’s eyes to discover that the mechanics extended below his belt.

“Now that’s definitely new to me.” Cori traced fingertips down the shining metal cock, which stood straight and strong at attention.

“Optional equipment.” Durak pulled him down for another kiss. “Had to pay for it myself. And yeah, that’s part of your maintenance duties.”

“Maybe if I tie you down first.” Cori gripped him firmly, sending little ripples down the nerve analogs to Durak’s brain, immense pleasure with just the slightest hint of pain. “You can own me all you like out there. But this. Oh, soldier boy. This is mine.” He slid his fingers further back to find that the blast that had taken this part from Durak hadn’t reached the back and gently tested it with a fingertip. “And so is this.”

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