Saturday, July 18, 2015

My Sexy Saturday: My Sexy Woman

This week’s theme is My Sexy Woman. Yes, this is our nod to the heroines. You all know what make them sexy and wonderful. Need we say more!

This week, it's BR Sanders' Resistance. This novel is up for a Gaylactic Spectrum and up for a Golden Crown award!

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Resistance has many faces, and one of them is Shandolin’s.

When she finds her friend brutally murdered, Shandolin decides to fight instead of run–but her only hope of survival is a takeover of the City government. Shandolin draws everyone she loves into the fray with her: her assassin lover, Rivna; her mentor, Moshel; and her best friend, Kel.

Apart, they are weak, but together Shandolin and her friends, lovers and fellows may be just strong enough to save their skins and the skins of the other elves in the City.

Seven Sexy Paragraphs:

“You won’t let me die in an alley,” Doe said quietly.

“I won’t. The thing about the killer’s hit, though, is for the few that get away with it, the few that survive it, it’s only a matter of time before they go looking for it again. Easily half the bastards I get hired to take out are idiots looking for a second fix.”

“I’m not like that, Riv.”

“Really? Because you’ve just turned this whole City upside down. Back there in the House, you got the blood-lust crazy eyes and snatched a knife out of my hand to do in the Arbiter yourself. That wasn’t part of the plan, Doe.”

“Well, no, but—hey, I did not have blood-lust crazy eyes!”

Rivna sighed and looked away. The morning was utterly silent. The shopkeeps and pedal-driven sidewalk stalls wouldn’t start hawking their wares for another hour, at least. Some of that delicious euphoria began to wane and Doe was left with a stinging throat, throbbing thighs and the dull, painful knowledge that Rivvie was right about the blood-lust crazy eyes.

“You’re worried about me,” Doe said softly.

The Other Sexy People on the Hop:

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