Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Sexy Saturday: Their Sexy thoughts

There’s a million ways lovers think about each other. Sometimes it’s in frustration, sometimes it’s with regret, sometimes it’s with anger…but underneath it all…there is love. 

From Crossroads, by Jimmy Gillentine

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Angela has been searching for her mysterious lover ever since the night he protected her from criminals by transforming into a creature like none she'd ever seen, caring little for his monstrous form. It matters only that he is the man she loves. Her search leads her far from her hometown, a trial not only of her love, but of the very meaning of right and wrong, of hunter and prey. Angela's real danger is seeking Andrew even as she is hunted by the true monsters of the world: her own kind.

Your Seven Sexy Paragraphs.  Welcome to Angela's Nightmare.

Angela looked around the forest clearing. She had been searching for hours in this forest,
trying to find the one thing her heart desired. Just as the sun began to set, she found him. Andrew
stood with his back to her, nude at the edge of the clearing. His long black hair flowed in the breeze,
his muscles cut and defined just as she remembered them. She ran over to him and grabbed him
from behind in a tight hug. She held him tighter and kissed his back, and sighed as she felt his
hands over hers.

“Andrew, I found you.” She kissed his back again. “Please, never leave me again.”

A low growl came deep from within Andrew’s chest. The grip on her hands grew tighter and
pain shot up her arms as he pushed her away. When he turned around, she saw the dark red eyes
of the Beast looking down at her. Andrew’s mouth opened, revealing rows of sharp jagged teeth
that belonged to his true form.

“Why do you chase after me?” Andrew growled as his body continued to change. “Stay away
from me!”

Angela stood in front of the Beast, and his grip was like steel as he hoisted her into the air. She
felt the monster’s hot breath on her face while his jaws opened to bite down.

“Andrew!” she screamed. “I love you! All of you.”

“You can’t love a monster!” the Beast roared as his jaws came down on her neck.

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