Wednesday, April 23, 2014

News from all over

 You've had the FroliCon report, and now we're back at work. I've got a steady hand on the wheel as Gabriel makes things go boom in the lab.

We also tried an experiment at Frolic: selling ebooks from the booth. The customer buys a cover card and we send along the ebook. It went rather well, I think.

If you've been to our site in the last 24 hours, you've seen some changes.

BTW, folks, "Skin and Bones" is awesome. You need a copy of this. Likewise "An Angel Has No Memory." Hottest lesbians I've read in a while.

New Call!

Deadline: March 15th, 2015

The spectrum would be a dark place with only black and white, and gender is no exception. We want your finest genderqueer/fluid characters doing what they do best. Whether science-fiction, fantasy, steampunk, or paranormal, these stories should be plot focused and starring a character not on the normal gender spectrum. However, we emphasize that this is not an anthology for genderqueer issues.

Pairing: Genderqueer, Any erotic
Happy For Now required.

Expected Release: June 1st, 2015

NOTE: Also seeking an inventive, inclusive name for this anthology.

Don't forget Taking Flight closes June 15. Get your wing sex in!

New Release Dates!
All of these are available for Pre-Order. They will ship as soon as they are ready.
All books are available as ebook or paperback.

May 1: 

Sexy men are only sexier on their knees, and what Master wants, Master gets. In these five BDSM short stories, everyone from combat mages to gladiators ends up there. Whether beautiful submission, power struggles, or spicing up the home life, feel free to indulge in all your tendencies.

Debts and Credits by Sian Hart
Riding the Edge by Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks
Sacrifice by Gabriel Belthir
The Errant Son by G.C. Mika
What He Brought Home by T.C. Mill

Resistance has many faces, and one of them is Shandolin's. When she finds her friend brutally murdered, Shandolin decides to fight instead of run - but her only hope of survival is a takeover of the City government

June 1

Guardian angels, incorporeal lovers, and chilling dreamscapes color this four-story anthology of erotic horror. The darkness calls to us, and sometimes we answer in the most carnal of ways.

Blood Roses by Angelia Sparrow
Not Always As It Seems by Syble Baker
Persephone Is Bleeding by S. Zanne
The Graveyard Angel by Shenoa Carroll-Bradd

That's all we've time for. The Aetheic Operator has spotted an Air Kraken. Evasive!

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