Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It is spring. I have Frolicked. Provocatively, even.

So, the Inkstained crew went to FroliCon in  Atlanta this last weekend.

I can't speak for Gabriel or Cat, but I had a splendiferous time. The Atlanta crowd is one of my favorite bunches of people. The Super 8 has friendly staff and clean rooms. (plumbing was noisy)
The Sheraton--where the convention is held--is very nice. And Edward De Gruey puts on one of the best con suites around.

This is me in panel mode. I did four panels and a reading.
The Anthology World, Editor and Publishers tell all, Writing sex scenes and Write what you (don't) know

There was much information, much laughter and many good questions.

The Bedtime Stories reading was some of the best fun I've had. Not only did we read, the audience helped by acting it out.

We had a booth set up on the concourse and sold wonderfully well.

And we ran the annual Eight Thrones LARP. Last year was Murder at the Pleasure Club. This year was Scandal in Scarlett.

  Me dressed to be David Inman of the Eight Thrones 'verse. (yes, that is a Devil card from a Tarot deck)

Another successful LARP comes to its conclusion...

If you're in Atlanta over Easter 2015, please come see us!

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