Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday Updates

Hello dears.

It's Wednesday again, so Angelia has the blog.

There's not a whole lot happening at the  Den of Debauchery. We're arranging blog tours and generally doing promotional work.

However, all that is on hiatus this week as we prepare to launch one of the kids.  My oldest son, Christopher, is graduating from high school this week. In the fall, he's headed off to college in Fayetteville AR, over 300 miles from home. It's up in the mountains and absolutely gorgeous, but quite possibly the most rugged college campus I've seen. I would not want to drive those roads in icy weather, at all.

We're also going to see about getting him a driver's license this summer and he may be taking the written test tomorrow. He's already done three Advanced Placement tests, what's one more this week? He is trying to set the school record for passing the AP exams.

My oldest daughter and my father are coming into town Friday, so the Den will be offline most of the weekend.

We'll be back Monday, with more goodies. We may hear from the Lost Lab in the meantime.

Enjoy the May weather!

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