Monday, May 20, 2013

Seen Around the Net

Hello dears.  The Lost Lab is having a Mental Health Week so I've got the blog.
(The Angel has the Phone box! Horrors!)

This will be link salad today.
I should have something interesting for Wednesday. But today, it's other smart people and the smart things they say.

The most amazing article for anyone who wants to write female characters:
Woman have always fought: Combating the Women, Cattle, Slaves narrative

It references James Tiptree Jr's The Women Men Don't See. The link is to a .pdf.
James Tiptree Jr. was the pen name of Alice Bradley Sheldon is the most amazing collection of vintage pictures. 1908 x-rays, 1930s telephone repairman, Oscar Wilde in Greek national costume and a 1690s map of the world without water. And phone hats. Mustn't forget the phone hats.

Just for fun, a Novel Plot Generator. Comes in straight and QUILTBAG romance, paranormal and mystery.

A poll on digital piracy for Google News

La Maupin is growing popular again as more discover this swashbuckling and amazing woman.

Where to store food to make it last. We're all tightening our belts, and throwing away food hurts.

Interstellar meme. This is funny. Alpha Centauri just got Rick-rolled and Arcturus is still on "You talkin' to me?"

For fun historical research, especially for you horror writers, spend an evening at the Grand Guignol.

If Earth had a ring like Saturn. Gorgeous pictures.

A very large, very busy map traces out American Accents.

Gallup is polling on moral issues. Times, they are a-changing. Polygamy's approval rating has doubled.

C.S. Lewis on theocracy.

11 things Mad Scientists shouldn't do.  I disagree on keeping decapitated heads in cake-pans. It's shallow enough to be covered with plastic wrap so the nutrient solution doesn't short out the speech head gear.
As a companion piece: The Evil Overlord list.

That's all for today, dears. Happy reading!

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