Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March marches on

Here it's nearly St. Patrick's Day.

As pagan Irish, I'm torn. on one hand, ethnic pride (my great-grandfather was an anchor baby!). On the other, Christian privilege. The saint got his sainthood for eliminating people like me.

So, aboard the airship, we'll have Dublin Coddle and Soda Bread, sing raucous Irish songs and maybe cast a bit.



1) Several; of you have written, asking about the status of Winter Chills. I have hauled Gabriel out of his new paramours' bed, dropped him back in the lab and remonstrated with him thoroughly about the wisdom of starting new romances while we are on deadline.

We plan to have it out by April 1, if not before the Equinox. I'd like to get it done while it is still winter.

2) Others have sent messages regarding contributors copies. They are all purchased and will be mailed as incoming finances allow.


These are selling better than the physical books.
Somewhere Out There
Winter Shivers
The Beast Within
are all in production


First Quarter is lean. But we will be getting statements out in early April


Any help would be hot.

And just because my great-great-grandmother would be unhappy if I didn't give you this:

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