Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February update

Your captain had to go legit for a while, ducks, and let me tell you, it's no place out there for a pirate. This honest work nonsense is going to kill me.

So, I'm back at the helm and being busy.

Already in Progress:

1) Have Quest Will Travel is back from the editor. We're hoping to get done with that very soon.

2) Pan's Garden is still at the editor. We're applying some thumbscrews to get her to work faster.

3) Winter Chills is sitting in the corner and thinking about what it did.

4) The third book of Jim Gillantine's  Beast trilogy should be contracted, and we're pushing for a June release.

Over the Loudspeaker:

The audiobook side is going well. We have 4 out and 8 in production.

Candle in the Dark
Curse of the Pharaoh's Manicurists
Skin and Bones
Diplomacy and Universal Constants

In Production
Matters of Scale
The Beast Within
Somewhere Out There
Winter Shivers
Hard Reboot
Terror of the Frozen North

Dead in the Air:

It is my great sorrow to announce that Badass will not be working out, because of a lack of submissions.

Reduction and Expansion:

As the crew is plotting a mutiny, we have ceased the intake side of the press. We will continue selling through until the current contracts run out. Whether we continue flying as a press remains to be seen In order to supplement our travel budget, we have expanded into a line of crafts. This has been helping pay the bills since September.

So, we're running a crowdfunding:
Air Harborage and Fuel

This will make some capital improvements and allow us to travel without debt this year, and put the books in front of more eyes.  Authors are in no way obligated to contribute. But any signal boosting you can do is more than welcome.

There are a few of you we still owe paperbacks to. Again, cash flow issues. We're buying and sending in the same dribs and drabs as the money arrives.

Current travel Plans:
These are subject to change depending on health issues

Memphis Flea Market, Feb 27-28

Spring Spears, Rolla Mo, April 2-3
Renaissance Faire of the Ozarks- Fayetteville AR April 18-19

Frolicon, Atlanta GA, May 5-8
Beltane, Memphis TN, May 13-15

River City Comic Expo, Little Rock AR June 11-12
Hypericon Nashville TN, June 17-19

Mid South Renaissance Festival Memphis TN Aug 20,21,27,28

Mephit FurMeet Memphis TN, Sept 2-4
Cooper Young Festival, Memphis TN, September
Mid South Pride, Memphis TN, Sept 24

Contraflow, New Orleans LA, Sept 30-Oct 2
Festival of Souls, Memphis TN, October (2016 page not up yet)

ConTraception, Independence MO, November

We're staying closer to home this year (we have crash space in Independence and New Orleans), and branching out from SF conventions. If you have suggestions for July, we're open.

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