Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Release Day: Winter Shivers

It's here!

Eight tales to give you chills on the long winter nights.

Folks, I'm proud of this anthology. We have some great stories in it, like Correll's "Bansidhe," a creepy Victorian tale and Rosick's terrifying "Rerun." They're all really excellent and cost me some sleep, and Gabriel not only nightmares but tears. (Gabriel is not a horror reader)

The stories, with a little bit about each:

Rerun: The young couple stumbles onto a creepy old motel, with somewhat more long-term results than usual. It's the one that gave me a sleepless night.

Hungry House: Heed the legends and don't buy the house that's too cheap. This story, or monologue rather, was good enough for me to violate my usual rule of "no present tense."

Sacrifices: In a place where almost no one leaves home, the price of returning may be higher than the prodigal likes

Closing in: Being snowbound is bad enough. Being snowbound with ghosts in the house is worse.

Where all light fades: Be careful bringing tribute to the dead. They may want to thank you personally.

Still House: Sometimes, there is no getting away from family legacies. Even when the legacy is murder.

Bloodhound: Dogs are our friends and protectors, against so much more than we know. This one left Gabriel a wreck.

Bansidhe: Love can transcend class barriers and distance. But other forces remain stronger.

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