Friday, June 5, 2015

Newsletter Membership drive and other promo

We're going to be conducting a newsletter membership drive later in the month.

What would you consider a decent sign-up premium?
A free short-story?
A 20% off coupon?

Yes, this comes by email.
We do not give or sell your email address to anyone.
We do not spam your email. I try to hold it to one a month and make it fun and informative.

There will be coupons and special promotions for newsletter subscribers.

In fact, at 100 subscribers, I'm giving away a free e-book of choice to both the person who signed up and the person who referred them (if any)

We have a couple of stand alone pieces that aren't selling too well.
I'd like to give them a boost in Mid June by running a 99c sale on Amazon. $1 for a good horror story, some sexy lesbian cyberpunk or some rollicking SF adventure. Let's get these three to the best seller lists so people can see them.

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