Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Sexy Saturday: Sexy Today

This week’s theme is Sexy Today. We all have our idea of sexy and it means so much more than it did fifty years ago. Sexy can be any age and many are saying that being in your 50s is the new 40s because people live longer, love longer and enjoy a quality of life longer like no other time before. This week is all about being sexy today no matter what your age.

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Our Sexy this week is from "That Time They Talk About."
In an alternate universe, the Confederacy developed a nuclear weapon. To devastating effect.

Your Seven Sexy Sentences.

Room three. Three nights, three silvers per night, room three. It all fell together neatly as if foretold. She watched the girl and ate the food, staring at the tintype of Clara.They sat for the picture long ago, when her own hair was still brown. Clara was barely eighteen, almost an old maid by her family's  estimation. The wild girl settled into a fine woman over the years, tough and strong, unafraid to ride the great birds, quick with her tongue and quicker with her guns.

The rice and carnitas gone, she pushed away the plate and picked up the tintype. She tried to rise, but a hand landed on her shoulder and held her in her seat.

“Leaving us already, stranger?” the man asked. “Don't you know it ain't polite to leave without offering to buy a drink for the whole place, at least when you're new in town?” She tipped her head and gave him a look that made most men back right off. He was either dumber than most or less cautious. He never moved his hand.

“Come on, grandma, buy us one.”

Sí, cervaza,” one of the other farmers said.

“Don't make him get ugly, old lady,” added one of the night-doves hanging on her meal-ticket of the evening.

“He already ugly. Muy feo!” tossed out someone on the other side of the room. The men laughed. She had heard that tenor in crowds before. It never boded well.

The Other Sexy People:


  1. Nice snippet, Angelia. Looks like she's in for a fight.

    Thanks for sharing and being part of My Sexy Saturday.

    1. She is. But what happens next is something nobody's quite ready for.