Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Sexy Saturday: Sexy's Got You, Babe

This week’s theme is Sexy’s Got You, Babe and is based upon the old Sonny and Cher song, "I’ve Got You, Babe." This is all about the lovers who are always there for each other. Rent’s due, no money yet they have each other; life’s throwing them a curve ball, they have each other; job expectations aren’t panning out yet they still have each other. You get the idea. Their external odds maybe be insurmountable, or seem that way, yet they have one another held firmly in their love.

"Tether" From Somewhere Out There, the new Science Fiction Romance anthology.

How does a pair kill time on a two year space voyage?
(Yes, it's second person. It works as a monologue)

Seven Sexy Paragraphs:

 You were still watching me. I did not like the look on your face. Stoic. Stoic on top meant something entirely different, underneath. And you were still biting your lip. It was two years back.

“Who is getting tied up?” I asked.

Your smile was like sunrise, someplace that had an atmosphere.
We were both getting tied up, as it turned out. The tension bands are good for more than just exercise. I doubt we were the first to discover that, and we certainly won’t be the last. And you managed it with only a minimal number of skin-stinging snaps.

At first, anyhow.

That’s the thing about gravity: it holds us down. You knew it. I knew it. Anyone who has ever seen footage from a space shuttle launch clear back in the last century knows it. And we find ways to adjust in its absence. We exercise with the straps. We tie down anything that we want to find in a hurry. We take the motion sickness pills, if we need them. We adapt. We get by. It’s what humans do.

It’s what we do with fucking, too.

The Other Sexy People:

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