Friday, March 27, 2015

Run in circles, scream and shout

Well, ducks, we're about to set sail for Atlanta again.

Last weekend was MidSouth Con.
We had a good time.

The Mortalus LARP happened, and my own oldest played the part of High Chief Mankiller, and did it quite well.

I had some very fun panels, including an impromptu sex panel drummed up at 1 AM. I was named moderator as I was quite possibly the most sozzled person in the room.

Sales were awful. First quarter royalties aren't going to be much of anything this year, loves.  But you will get your notices after FrioliCon is over.

Frolic is in April, so it's second quarter.

News in Brief:

1) Somewhere Out There, the SF erotica anthology, is in edits, still. Our editor came down with a virulent respiratory infection and so was laid up a bit. We're hoping it's not the Black Plague. We should have it out soon, as she is on the mend. Pre-orders are still being taken.

2) Mortalus is available in paperback beta edition. The system is all there but we lack art.
You can acquire this at Amazon. Ebook to follow.

3) Pan's Garden, the genderqueer anthology, is in the contracting stage! We're excited about this!

4) We are currently taking stories for Master Mine (May 15) and  Have Quest, Will Travel (June 15)

5) We are starting a newsletter, about once or twice a month, it will have all sorts of goodies in it. If you would like to be a part, please get me your email address. I'm at inkstainedsuccubus at gmail, put Newsletter in the subject line.

Now, excuse me, I have to pack and cook and clean and panic a bit more before I leave on Thursday!

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