Saturday, December 6, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: Our Sexy Little Words

So this week show us all the sexy moments from when your characters are making love, before or after because each and every one of them is sexy and hot and oh…can we fan ourselves now?

Five stories of winter holidays, Christmas, Yule, New Years and more. We'll be running snippets through the month of December.
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From "Winter Solstice" by Dahlia K Bloom

When Lucas has a very bad year, including the death of his twin sister, he flies to England to see the Solstice in where his mother birthed him. But an accident leads to Mark rescuing him...


“Thank you again.” Lucas whispered. “I haven’t been myself since Claire’s death, haven’t laughed, barely smiled, and then I meet you and it’s like... I don’t know. Like the past year hasn’t happened? You freaked me out at first but now I feel happy. I can forget for a moment.”

“Good.” Mark placed his hand on Lucas’ shoulder, thumb rubbing the place where wing met flesh.

“I’m not one for keeping company but I don’t mind having you around. It’s nice to feel I can help. I haven’t felt this way since my pack left me.”

Lucas still wasn’t certain what he had meant to do. He just wanted to tell Mark that he understood the spider’s bite of loneliness, how it eroded everything away. Lucas leaned over and kissed him. They drew away and there was a hint of soft laughter on Mark’s breath.

“I should have expected that, shouldn’t I?” the Lycan shifter said.


“That you’d taste like chocolate.” Mark gave him a short, sweet kiss. “Though it’s something a little stronger and tastier. Not the cheap muck that we just drank.”


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