Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: Sexy Into You

How about the characters that are over the top about each other, regardless of the situation? The ones who can never keep their hands off one another. The ones you know will be that little old couple you see at the park, still holding hands after 50 years. It’s those couples we are talking about this week.

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“James?” A low tenor voice rang out from the elevator as a blonde man in attractive wire-frame glasses, apparently not much older than Nick by his looks, came in and dropped an army duffel next to the elevator carelessly. He strode in, clearly knowing his way around, and headed straight for Ligatos.

Ligatos smiled and stood up, his arms wide. “Anthony. What brings you home so soon? I didn't expect to see you until I went to Italy.” His voice changed and Nick could imagine the worry on his face. “You aren't in disgrace, are you?”

The man took James in his arms, cradling him. “No, no, lover, nothing like that. I could never dishonor Master mine like that.” He smiled and kissed Ligatos. “I heard you were hurt, and threatened to disassemble all of Master Michelino's machines trying to find a way to weld together an airplane unless they sent me back to see you for a day or two.” He made a face. “Scratchy. You grew a beard, lover.”

Nick hid a smile at that. He didn't know what Anthony was talking about, but the sheer love behind the statement pleased him. He stayed on the floor, not looking up. Anthony didn't sound like a slave or servant, despite his use of ‘Master.’

“A change was necessary. I like the look of it. The injury was nothing, an expected part of the training.” Ligatos put both hands on either side of Anthony's face and kissed him passionately. “If you have one day, tonight is mine.”

Anthony quirked a grin. “Nah. I thought I'd stay up all night and go roller-blading.” He laughed. “Of course tonight is yours, James. More if I'm given it, and damn the consequences. I might shave you, though.”

Nick forgot himself and watched. Ligatos wasn't like this with anyone else, and no one he knew would speak so. This must be the missing team member David had told him of. The look of pure desire on Ligatos' face made him ache with wanting the man. But he hadn't earned that and thought of smooth concrete until it passed.


  1. Very cute line : “Scratchy. You grew a beard, lover.” nice snippet :-)

    1. We like that. Very Sherlock. "Oh I get six months of whiskery kisses, but His Nibs shows up and off it comes." (also you have to remember James looks like Oded Fehr in our heads, so he's hot with or without the beard.)