Saturday, July 26, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: One Sexy Year

This week, all we want you to do is to share a sexy tidbit about anything your heart desires. And you all know what we mean…don’t you?

This week's Sexy Snippet is from "Sacrifice" by Gabriel Belthir in Dominant Tendencies.
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His slave faced him, and there was no anger left in him. Matteius suspected it had burned itself out. This was a warrior lost and hopeless, and he shook in his arms as Matteius drew him once again into an embrace.

They stayed there for a long moment until Ta’kari spoke again. “I don’t know what to do,” he managed in a choking voice. “I’ve always fought.”

Matteius pushed some of his hair back from his face. “Now it’s time to stop fighting. It’s time to let go. I won’t let you fall. But you have to trust me.”

Ta’kari wrapped arms around Matteius’ neck and melted a little. “I’m sorry. Please…”

Matteius reached down and pulled Ta’kari’s chin up. He gave in to the impulse he’d had for over a week and kissed him. It was a question more than anything else. Ta’kari’s lips, closed at first, opened to him and relaxed as Matteius possessed him with a kiss. Something inside him latched into place as he could feel his slave’s body language change. Hands that had just panicked to get away from him grasped his hair behind his neck.

He broke the kiss to look at Ta’kari. “Is the boy safe?”

Ta’kari nodded. “He’s gone. He’ll get home.”

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