Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cyberpunk, Werewolves and Birthdays, Oh My!

First: a Very Happy Birthday to Inkstained Succubus author, Naomi Brooks!

Naomi has been a part of the Inkstained crew from the very beginning, when we re-issued a number of short stories in Into Dark Waters

This collection has a lot of earlier work, from the sexy naga and djinn of "Serpents" to Commander Cliff Cody, of the Space Exploration Rangers to the Devil himself, Professor L. Morganstern, and his very special classes at the Scholomance.

Today is also our first Release Day of 2014!
Or, it was meant to be. There were problems in the Ferret Delivery System and the Quartermaster has been assigned to retrain the beasties.

Both of the items are available through the website, although delivery of ordered items will be tomorrow.
Paperback (of Fated Bonds) and Kindle coming very soon.

Peter Tupper's lesbian cyberpunk short, "An Angel Has No Memory," comes out today.

In a world where people known as Assets can be programmed with any set of skills or personality, Rose works in the high pressure job of programmer while dealing with the corporate hierarchy and trying to deny her desire for another woman. As the pressures and secrets pile up, Rose seeks relief in fantasies of being a helpless, memory-less Asset, but fears showing her desire to anyone else. A co-worker helps her overcome her fear and shame to take charge of both her work and her sexuality.
Notice: Explicit sexual situations, F/F romance.

Angel's note: I really like this story. It's creepy, and sexy, and very dark.

Our second release is the paranormal romance novel, Fated Bonds.

Tala Neil sets out to be nothing more than an excellent cop, but she can't escape her Mage lineage. When she meets Alexander Kygnios, a Lycan Guardian, her life takes an unexpected turn. Buried secrets are discovered, sparking hope for a life she never thought to have, but she must fight an old enemy and even older laws to protect those she loves.Price includes shipping and handling.

Notice: Explicit M/F and M/M sexual situations, romance, and scenes of violence.

Angel's note: This one goes beyond the ordinary paranormal romance and takes us into the life of a sharp-tongued, sharp-witted cop, who is not willing to build her life around a man, no matter how much she loves him.

Check them out! And look for upcoming blog tour posts from Peter and HC.

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