Wednesday, December 4, 2013

An Unexpected Hiatus

The Airship was unexpectedly docked for the month of November. (and part of October)

Angelia spent the month in a small town, with minimal internet (only when she went uptown to the library) and almost no cell service. There was brain surgery and Angelia ended up full-time caregiver.

Gabriel made yet another multi-state move and is now firmly ensconced in an apartment less than five minutes from Angelia. Expect productivity to skyrocket.

The business meeting on Dec 3 covered many things. The website will be seeing updates. If you've sent mail, look for an answer soon.

The Hungry Hearts anthology is going forward.
So is Dominant Tendencies.

Projected release dates for many projects should be available in the next week.

We're sorry for the difficulties. When every text feels as if it's being snuck out via carrier pigeon to the Resistance, communication is quite difficult.

But we're flying again!

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