Thursday, August 1, 2013

Deadlines Flying By

Ah, ducklings, I have to admit to you, I adore deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go flying by.

It's been an interesting road getting anthologies off the ground. We just don't have enough people throwing stories our way. We need more people to submit, even though we've had some amazing submissions so far.

In this vein, I'd like to leak a few new deadlines and some exciting up-and-coming tidbits of novels.

Firstly, Monstrously Ever After is getting its deadline extended. I'd let you see a peek of the gorgeous submissions we've gotten, but I'm not keen on the Captain keelhauling me to the airship. Let me tell you, we're wanting to gather up a few more, and you can see for yourselves. Deadline is now September 1st, come one come all.

Secondly, we've got a new novel coming out called Fated Bonds. My squidlings, this is amazing. Memphis' own HC Playa, while already published with a short story, has graced us all with her very first novel and it'll be a bash. It's shiny! New up on the site is her bio and contact information, so friend now and save some time. We'll be getting an interview with her soon enough, and you can tune into the Lost Lab for that! I always adore sending that congratulations letter.

Lastly, little monsters, there has been a time of renewal this summer. Jimmy Gillentine has been rewriting his famous series and it should be coming back out, better than ever. Those fans should faint like Elvis' girls when they see how shiny the new one is. Also, Angelia Sparrow is working on rewriting some of her signature Nikolai verse work. Yours truly has been asked to come in on the project, so we'll see where the wind takes us. A little genderqueer never hurt anyone, right?

So keep your ears to the ground and noses to the grindstone. Deadlines are evil, terrible things that are necessary! Catch a ride on one and find your next masterpiece in the pages of antiquity.

I'll be in tow!

Gabriel Belthir
Mad Scientist and First Mate

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